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The two share a relatively close relationship, and Minako cares for Yuuri much like she would a son. Yuuri admires Yuri for being so talented at such a young age and for his jumping technique.

Yoshimasa Hosoya [15] [16] Japanese ; Mike McFarland [17] English An year-old figure skater from Kazakhstan, Otabek is very popular in his country and seeks to make them proud with his skating.

With Victor taking a season off to coach Yuri K. When the character is first introduced in episode 6, the Japanese text states his age as Yuuri, having being drunk at the time, has no memory of this first encounter.

Yuuri's repertoire of quads eventually increases, first learning to successfully land a quad Salchow thanks to Yuri's brief stay in Japan, and was eventually able land a quad Flip, which is Victor's signature move. Yuuko is highly supportive of Yuuri's skating career and hoped that she could see Yuuri compete against Victor one day.

Quotes "He never fails to surprise me. Jumps Initially, Yuuri was only able to land a quad toe-loop in competitions. Programs Short - In Regards to Love: The program itself is completely backloaded and consists of a step sequence in the first half, and three jumps as per ISU regulation in the second half.

Yuuri's admiration of Victor led him to get a poodle, similar to the one Victor owned, and named it after him as well. I don't really have a name for that emotion, but I have decided to call it love. Michael Tatum [20] English A year-old figure skater from Italy, Michele, nicknamed "Mickey", is a serious and uptight person with a short-temper, often snapping at his fellow skater, Emil Nekola.

Tomoaki Maeno [15] [16] Japanese ; J. So please God But everyone really wants to know the new me, don't they? Yuuri skates his own exhibition skate but not in solo.


Minako was the one who encouraged Yuuri to try figure skating in the first place [1]. About Pre-Orders Pre-orders are charged immediately upon checkout.

He wears gloves while skating and uses skates with standard blades.

Yuri!!! on Ice Yuri Katsuki Diet Set

Phichit Chulanont Yuuri and Phichit talking in their room while in Detroit. Yuuri gains weight easily, but when he is in top form, he also has slight muscle due to his exercise and ice skating. Phichit wird gezeigt, dass er mit dem Skating-Stil von Yuuri vertraut ist. She often follows Yuuri to as many competitions as she can, whether local or international.

Christophe has a healthy rivalry with Victor, admiring him since he was young, and won second place in yuri katsuki diet latest World Championships where Victor won his fifth gold medal. Voiced by: He becomes determined to chase his dreams, and even brushes off most of Yuri Plisetsky's attempts to insult or humiliate him.

The program itself features twelve jumps in all, with seven of them being in combination thus not violating the eight jump element rule. Victor also places a gold ring on Yuuri's finger, and later confirms the pair rings to be engagement rings, stating that they would get married when Yuuri won gold at the GPF.

Due to his handsome looks, he's very popular, especially with women, but pays no attention to his fans and often treats other people in a cold, detached manner.

Yuuri owns a poodle soft toy that looks like Makkachin [7]and sometimes poodle soft toys are thrown for him during competitions. His ballet teacher, Minako Okukawawas the one who had recommended him to learn figure skating.

I'll make it all up to you through my skating! Victor zeigt, dass Phichit der einzige fremde Skater ist, den Yuuri wirklich als Freund angesehen hat. He is very close to his twin sister, Sara, but is also overly dependent of her presence when he skates and becomes overprotective when other men approach her.

Yuuri wears half-rimmed blue glasses, but while he is skating, he removes them. The two of them are very close, as Yuuri is comfortable with calling him at night and using basic Thai in their conversations.

He does it alongside Victor as a pairs dance.Yuuri Katsuki (Japanese: 勝生 勇利, Katsuki Yūri) is a competitive figure skater and one of the main characters of Yuri!!! on Ice. Yuuri wurde in Hasetsu, der Präfektur Saga, Kyushu, Japan geboren, wo seine Familie das letzte Gasthaus in der Stadt besitzt und betreibt.

· "I may never be able to regain what I've lost but I can clearly see what's in front of me now Yuuri, my precious boy, I love you so much. #ProtectYuuri2k17Author: Gowdannie. It’s no easy task to stay on track with a diet while training with every ounce of energy you can muster!

Yuri Katsuki does that, though, with his eyes on that delicious katsudon.

Yuuri Katsuki

Yuri On Ice Boku No Hero Academia All Anime Manga Anime Anime Stuff 19 Days Yuri Katsuki Anime Ships Death Note I don't think I've ever related to any fictional character more than I.

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